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For college student survivors of sexual violence, holding harm-doers accountable and finding other sources of support are challenging and confusing processes. Many survivors—and especially survivors of who are people of color and/or LGTBQ—don’t seek help, and/or are unaware of their rights.

It’s Not Just Personal is a guide to the rights of survivors of sexual violence and their allies, explaining the legal options and resources that Title IX and Jeanne Clery Act provides.

The piece was designed with/for students of color and LGBTQ students. Illustrations were created to represent a dynamic and resilient community.


明日體™ / Ming Romantic™ is a modern interpretation of a style of printed type originating from the Song and Ming dynasties. The display typeface is currently under development.


The new Android identity and campaign were designed and launched simultaneously with Nexus 6 and Android Lollipop in October 2014.

The foundation of the brand identity is a typographic system designed to bring together the broad ecosystem of Android products. A variety of still and dynamic lockups and layouts were designed for the brand's existence in both print and digital environment.

Paired with hundreds of Androidified character illustrations, a wide range of brand applications including print and digital billboard, newspaper centerfold, magazine spread, mobile app, television broadcast, etc., were produced to embrace the Android spirit—”getting everyone in on the party.”


PYE is a Hong Kong-based men’s shirting label. In support of the brand’s debut to the international market, Project Projects designed the new identity system with custom designed typeface—PYE Brown, marked by a distinct uppercase letter “Y”.

Build on top of the English-Chinese logotype, a bilingual typographic system was developed for the brand’s applications.


Design, illustration and infographic for The New York Times Magazine Who Made That section — a weekly column explores the design and innovation story behind everyday objects.


Poster concept for Project ARA's planned Puerto Rico pilot launch.


Distributed quarterly, the Metropolitan Museum of Art Members Calendar showcases members events, seasonal programs, and attractions.

A rich typographic system was applied to demonstrate clear information hierarchy between different sections.


A serious of experimental visual forms that were made possible through rounds of translations between and analog and digital production techniques.

Results were then collected, curated and published. It is a process of thinking through making, an exploration of the organic and manufactered.


In response to overflowing complaints, rumors, and non-verified information about Beijing’s air pollution on and the off the internet, a 60-day study was conducted to document Beijing’s air quality based on data released by 35 monitor stations in the city.

The information visualization is designed to provide an introductory understanding of the meanings and effects of the quantitive statistics to the general public.


Build with Google Fonts API; the micros-site offers a swift and charismatic exploring experience to the Google Font directory with simple keyboard interaction.


Design & development, Abby Chen.