Before Yesterday We Could Fly: An Afrofuturist Period Room
Identity and exhibition graphics for a speculative Afrofuturist period room that embraces the African and African diasporic belief that the past, present, and future are interconnected and that informed speculation may uncover many possibilities. The installation is only one proposition for what might have been, had Seneca Village been allowed to thrive into the present and beyond.

Lead curator and designer: Hannah Beachler︎︎︎
Consulting curator: Michelle D. Commander︎︎︎
The Met curitorial team: Sarah Lawrence, Ian Alteveer, Ana Matisse Donefer-Hickie
Exhibition design: Fabiana Weinberg︎︎︎
Lighting design: Amy Nelson︎︎︎
Production: Sarah Parke, Maanik Singh
Design manager: Alicia Cheng, Anna Rieger︎︎︎